Tuesday, 11 January 2011

hey, what's wrong with you? you're looking kinda down to me..

cos things ain't getting overrrrr
listen to what i say
got to turn around.

wrote a new song yesterday/today. see previous post for lyrics. quite happy with it, but it may get tweaked when i meet up
with bodge later, since the primary purpose of said song is to perform it at st. georges with her in march.
and even more on the good news front, i booked a counselling session at college for frday morning. don't care what anyone says about counselling really, it can be really helpful. watched grey's anatomy last night, and the counsellor guy on there? whoo mama, i wouldn't mind.

tip top Tupper.

i've talked to a couple of counsellors before. one of them, at secondary school, was amazing. her name was lisa, and she was lovely. i think i got on with her so well because she was quite young, and she'd done most of the things that i was doing at the time, like drinking and smoking weed and all that good stuff. and she once asked me if i'd lost weight, which is an easy to get on my good side.
the second one was at college, and i didn't like her so much. her name was chris, and she was old. that's not why i disliked her (not really). she was always too quick to agree with whatever i was saying, like if she didn't, she was scared i'd run out of her office and go home and slit my wrists or something.
the one i'm seeing on friday is a man. and.. his name is phil. i'm not sure about this guy already. i'm seriously hoping i like him, because it's getting really hard to keep going every day with no one to talk to about shit.
i thought i could talk to grace about anything, because i thought we were in a pretty similar place. but now i'm not so sure. she walked out of college yesterday and basically had a little 'breakdown' (flipped out in Comedy Dave's lesson for literally no reason, left college and then went to meet her friend at the pub.. breakdown.. yeah..) part of me feels like she did it all for attention (which she undoubtedly attracted).. but then, who am i to decide who genuinely feels like shit and who's doing it for attention? people might say i'm doing it for attention. she's my best friend. and i can't decide if i just don't understand her, or if i don't believe her. does that make me a cunt? honestly, i don't really care.

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