Thursday, 6 January 2011

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It's been an awful long time since i wrote on here, and after reading through my previous bloggies, i see that they were all about rhys and my boring life (which revolved around rhys). I have now actually moved to Weston, and it's.. ITE. Anyway, I refuse to continue to make this blog about my boring life, nor will it revolve around a stupid, icky boy.
It is now, as I'm sure you are aware, 2011.
My New Year's Resoluti
on is to lose 3 stone.
Now, before people get the wrong idea about that, let me clear up a few things. I will
never be skinny, nor do i ever want to be skinny. However, since I left school, I've probably put on about 3 stone. Now I don't think I'm fat now; whether I carry weight well, or whether I just refuse to believe that I'm fat, remains to be seen. But I do get really sick of people saying to me, "You're a big girl, aren't you?"
Why do people think it'
s okay to say shit like that to me?
Even 3 stone ago, I wasn't skinny. I still had c
urves, and chub, but I was more athletic. I did a lot of sports at school, which I guess might have something to do with how I started putting weight on. As soon as I went to college, I pretty much stopped exercising. There were a couple of times when i conciously decided to start doing it again, but they never lasted long, partly because, i'm a lazy bitch, and partly because..

these bitches
are annoying as hell.

So I have to really try and make this time different. I have to actually make this time work, because I would love to look how I used to look. So I have decided to start blogging about my attempted weight loss, because I think it might help me to be completely honest about my weight and all sorts (as difficult as it often is). Maybe if I feel brave enough, I'll post pictures so I can see the transition. I think it always helps when you can see the progress.

Anyway, a bit of inspiration for today.

because let's be honest..
it would be nice, wouldn't it?

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