Friday, 23 April 2010


i have done a shitload of videos in the past couple of days. so. just to plug it a bit more.

now that that's over. i feel like im finally becoming more confident to say what i want to say and all that shizznizz. its quite a freeing feeling isnt it? a bit like not wearing knickers. (though i defo dont do that)
someone left me a personal message thing on youtube. and they said really nice things and its made me really happy. they even said i gave them goosebumps. which i have always wanted to do, cos when someone does it to me i fall in love with their music/voice/videos.
so its turning out to be quite a good day. i wrote a new song the other day as well which came out of nowhere. i was thinking about how i always write shitty sad songs about how nobody loves me everybody hates me maybe i should just go die bla bla bla. and so i decided. NO. i wont do that again. cos i dont care. ive been a bit upset about rhys for a while. and its been too long of my life that i'll never get back. so now i just dont care anymore. and that is what the song is about. he is a loser, i can do better, maybe i should just move on. :) so pleased about the song, and my new care free attitude towards gay boys.
anyway my sister has started nursing at uni, and she says she's struggling, and yesterday i helped her with her essay. and we were talking about stationery (LOL) and i was talking about how i really miss college and i cant wait to go back (partly, yes, because i really like stationery and there is no need for it when i'm not in college)
right, im going to eat breakfast now. i dont think those 3 oreos i had really count. especially since i didnt dip them in milk till they went soggy.

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