Thursday, 15 April 2010

oi you mug.


cancelled my original plans to get wasted with beckie, and instead made plans to go to cambridge to see rhys. i am a shitty friend. but it gets worse. rhys ignored my calls all day and didn't even have the balls to tell me he was standing me up. ended up going to the pub to see beckie and getting all drunk and depressed and giving bill a kiss on the mouth. i couldn't help myself, that old aberdeen fox. it must be the way he says 'pinch a tatty' when i complain that i'm hungry. it's all about the accents.

anyway, was very angry at rhys and the world in general and decided i would hate him forever. called him an arsehole and a cunt at various points throughout the day.


spoke to rhys, and to my shock and horror i wasn't even angry at him. i told him "i wasted all day yesterday being angry with you and i won't do it again today so it's cool" it clearly isn't cool, he clearly is an arsehole and a cunt, but me beings a mug, it was cool then. ended up going all the way to cambridge (missions) to see him for not even an hour and a half, waste of my life really. all we did was smoke my cigarettes. and then i had to come all the way back for work, and ofcourse because it was racing, it was too busy for my liking, usually i just like to sit at the table drinking lime+lemonade and folding napkins. lots of drunk peoples asking to be served and then telling me to go away as soon as i got there. man with a leathery face asking to take me home and telling me he'll take me to switzerland. like it was an offer i couldn't refuse.

^ pretty close in resemblance to leather-faced man.


sitting in bed watching the sword in the stone. wondering why it is that me (and a lot of other girls) do end up being such mugs for blokes. bad habit? force of nature? peer pressure? (running out of ideas now) whatever, boys just need to be NICER. and girls just need to stop making everything about BOYS. (like i have just done. whatevs) work later. racing again today. hope leatherface isn't back. :)

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