Friday, 16 April 2010


i hate my fucking puppy. she is a right old dirt bag. i went downstairs and saw she had eaten a whole big bar of dairy milk that i'd got for easter. told my ma and ma got all worried and now says i have to 'keep an eye on her' all day. she googled it and found out that she'll probs get vomity and poopy and might even go blind. GOOD. that will save me from punishing her for not only eating poison, but for eating MY poison. bitch.

watching sex and the city today as i have the day off work. that's about as exciting as it gets for me i suppose. rhys ignores my calls and i'm starting to wonder why i bother. in the words of Mr. Big (ish) "he can reach me. but i can never get him." men are arseholes.
sometimes i would like to be thinner and prettier and i think that will solve all my problems. boys will automatically start being nice to me, it won't matter if my dog eats my chocolate cos i'll be thin and won't want it anyway.
maybe i just need to take yesterdays make up off, play my guitar and try and take a pretty picture of me cos im bored of the old one. life gets me down. ironically, i can't wait to move to weston-super-mare. even a shitty old seaside town is better than here.


  1. Love the post! Very funny!
    Do you go to long road? I recognizze you from your pic
    First Follower! Looking forward to seeing what you have to say next x

  2. ahh thank you! i used to go to long road, but i dropped out at the end of november. i'm defo going to check out yours now, see if i recognise you! x