Tuesday, 20 April 2010

romance is dead.

okay so first of all, i posted a new video on my youtube, FINALLY!

secondly, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
that was for two reasons, the first being: i am so fricking excited about saturday. going to innocence to see robin thicke and 112 with my best gal Zia (my 6 year old cousin calls her Zero, it seems to have stuck, at least a little bit) i love her more than life itself right now. we have become obsessed with Sex and the City together (faaabulous!) and also our hair. she's mixed race too so it's easier to be obsessed about my hair with her, cos she just gets it. i am all about being natural now, i swear i am not going to touch my straighteners for the forseeable future. i even moved them from in front of my mirror to on top of my wardobe. yes.. that is commitment. in fact i am going to cambridge today to gets an outfit for saturday night :D :D :D im thinking a playsuit, with my tan strappy heels, curly afro stylee hair, maybe some corn rows thrown in for good luck, you know the dealio, kind of harlem summer chic?
the second reason for that is that because im going to be in cambridge today shopping, i asked rhys if he wanted to meet up and he is being SUCH AN ARSEHOLE about it. i cant believe it. i really should just have enough pride to walk away and be like oi rhys fuck ya, but. then i realise the effort of starting again and how much i hate being a lonely loner. 'ring me when you're in town and ill see what im doing' (he never answers his phone when i ring him) 'dont rely on me though' (i never do, he makes it impossible) 'george might want to do something though' so i said 'then do something with george, it's fine' blaaaaablabla im sick of trying to be nice and stuff so i dont seem like a BITCH. he makes me want to be a bitch and in fact sometimes, he gives me THE RIGHT to be a bitch. cos he is a cunting arsehole the majority of the time. anywaaaay enough about HIM. ugh.
got a text last night from Rib.. speaking of arseholes. 'Fancy a stroll in Memphis?' which might not mean anything to you but to me.. gah. it's cos when we was seeing each other back in the day, he was at uni in northampton and we gave the whole long distance thing a shot, and he used to call me like every night (for the first week) and we'd talk on the phone for hours. and Walking in Memphis was his favourite song, and i'd sing it down the phone to him to try and make him smile. so that song. is loaded. with memories. about him. and me. and he is an idiot to just text me nonchalantly saying that. but it did make me smile. which i needed. i was feeling very melancholy yesterday. so i made some thai soup (tom kha) yum but it was ver ver spicy and made my tummy hurt. the other week was jamaican, this week was thai and next week i'm thinking spanish? does my culinary genius know no bounds?
anyways. i've been trying to tidy my room cos ive lost two of my fave tops, and its driving me insane, i think perhaps my sister took one to her boyfriends and left it there, but she'll never admit it. the bitch brought back a bag of clothes from his a couple of weeks ago and i found one of my thongs in there. WHO IS SHE?!
anyway today is sunny and i am going shopping later and i defo wont see rhys cos he's an arsehole. but i wont let it get me down, im going to wear my sandals and my (fake) raybans and im going to ENJOY MY DAY. in your face rhys, in your damn face.


  1. I recognise you from college :)
    You have a nice blog, fun to read :)
    Good that you are taking out your frustration on here for no one else to see!
    Hope you're okay x

  2. Oh by the way you are an amazing amazing singer :)

  3. oh thank you so much! for both of those comments lol :) x